Amphenol Pyle National Star-Line/Neptune Connectors are heavy duty environment resisting plugs and receptacles which have been used successfully in the aerospace industry and all types of industrial applications.

They provide outstanding performance in automatic and process control systems, complex ground support cable networks, and instrumentation systems.

Star-Line/Neptune connectors have made a major contribution to the successful interconnection of off-shore petroleum production for power distribution and data acquisition as well as peak power generating systems.

To help in your selection process, here are examples of the different styles of Star-Line/Neptune Connectors.

ZPLD plug with compression nut ZPLM plug with mechanical nut
ZPLD - Plug with compression nut ZPLM - Plug with mechanical nut
ZPLK plug with basket weave ZPLT plug with conduit adapter
ZPLK - Plug with basket weave ZPLT - Plug with conduit adapter
ZRLD in-line receptacle w/ compression nut ZRLM in-line receptacle w/ mechanical nut
ZRLD - Receptacle w/ compression nut ZRLM - Receptacle w/ mechanical nut
ZRLK in-line receptacle with basket weave ZRLT in-line receptacle with conduit adapter
ZRLK - Receptacle w/ basket weave ZRLT - Receptacle w/ conduit adapter
ZRLP panel mount receptacle ZPLP panel mount plug
ZRLP - Panel mount receptacle ZPLP - Panel mount plug
ZRLBB panel mount receptacle ZRLA panel mount receptacle
ZRLBB - Receptacle with angle adapter ZRLA - Receptacle with straight adapter

Click below to download the Star-Line catalog for you to review.

Star-Line Catalog

Give us a call at 1-800-848-3106 after you review the catalog. We will be glad to explain
how to use to the catalog so you can pick the plug and/or receptacle
that will meet your needs. We can then recommend a part number along
with price and availability.

To help identify an existing Star-Line/Neptune Connector you can attach digital photos
of the connector to the email below. A side view with a ruler beside it would help. Also make
sure you send a clear photo of the front of the connector so we can see the placement of
the contacts in relation to the shell.

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Fill in the form as much as possible by reviewing the How to Identify Star-Line/Neptune link.
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We will supply you with the correct part number, pricing and availability.

Information Request Form

How to Identify Star-Line/Neptune Connectors

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