After you have printed the Starline/Neptune Info Request Form, follow the instructions below in order to fill in the information. You may not be able to fill in all the information but try to fill out as much as you can so we can provide the part number, price and availability for you.

1) Connector Style: Indicate the style of connector you want. You can click Starline/Neptune Styles to look at the types again.

2) Skirt Type: Look at the end of the connector where the contacts are located. There are only 2 types of skirts available. If you see threads on the outside with 2 grooves approx. 90 degrees apart on the inside you have a female skirt. If the outside is smooth with 2 tabs approx. 90 degrees apart you have a male skirt.
female skirt male skirt

3) Skirt Length: Measure the length of the skirt.
female skirt length male skirt length

4) Shell Size: Measure the diameter of the skirt.
female skirt diameter male skirt diameter

On the table below, follow the male or female skirt column down until you find the size you measured. Then look to the right to find out the shell size. Enter this number on the form.

Female Skirt Male Skirt Shell Size
1 1/2" 1 1/8" 12
2" 1 5/8" 16
2 1/2" 2 1/8" 20
3" 2 5/8" 24
3 1/2" 3 1/8" 28

5) Insert Gender: If you see exposed contacts on the inside of the skirt you have a male insert. If all you see is a plastic housing with holes you have a female insert.
male insert female insert

6) Number of Contacts: Enter the number of contacts. If there are 2 different sizes of contacts just enter the quantity and size of the contacts(ie: 2 large/14 small).

7) Contact Finish: Contacts are either silver or gold. If the contacts are so tarnished that you can't tell, we found that Tarnex(sold in drug stores) is a good tarnish remover.

8) Any Contacts Grounded? It's hard to tell on female inserts by looking at it. But if you can look on the mating connector with the male insert and see that one contact is longer than the rest of the other contacts, then it's grounded.

9) Wire to Contact Termination: There are 3 ways to attach the wires to the contacts. Crimp, solder or pressure. Indicate your preference and we will let you know if it is available.

10) Wire held by: There are 3 ways to hold the wire to the connector. These are only used on connectors that are not panel mounted. Compression: This type just squeezes the grommet against the wire while turning the compression nut. Mechanical: This does the same as compression but also has 2 metal grab bars that are tightened against the wire with screws. Basket weave: This uses the compression nut along with a stainless steel basket weave to retain the wire.
compression nut mechanical nut basket weave
Compression Nut Mechanical Nut Basket Weave

11) Diameter of Cable: Indicate the diameter of the cable going into the back of the connector(this does not apply to panel mount connectors).
wire diameter

12) Type of cover required: Indicate whether you want a flip cover(panel mount receptacles only), screw cover or no cover at all.
flip cover screw cover
Flip Cover Screw Cover

13) Coupling Nut: If there is a coupling nut, measure the distance.
coupling nut size

14) Cable Adapter Length: Take the compression or mechanical nut off the cable adapter and measure the cable adapter length.
cable adapter length

15) Hub Size: If the connectors are attached with conduit, indicated the NPT size.
hub size

16) Amperage: Indicate the amperage for the contacts.

17) Contact Location: On the bottom left of the form are 2 diagrams. Take the connector and position it just like the diagram. The numbers on the outside of the diagrams are positioned just like a clock(12, 3, 6 and 9). Draw a few circles or dots to represent the location of the contacts relative to the skirt. You don't have to draw them all just a few so we can determine the correct part number. This is important since the inserts are able to be rekeyed and we want to make sure you get the correct replacement. Please, also put the number of the contact next to the dots. A rule of thumb you should know is that the numbers on female contacts go counter-clockwise and the numbers on male contacts go clockwise.
male contact location female contact location

18) Fill in your name, firm, fax and phone number and fax the completed form to us at 804-752-7830.

Hillcrest Enterprises, Inc.

Phone 804-798-8390

We will be glad to solve your requirements for PYLE-NATIONAL Starline Connectors.

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